Our Company believes in the promotion of Made-in-Nigeria philosophy, as one of the surest strategies to develop our economy.  Accordingly, we produce, distribute and export the following Nigerian Products:-

Our shoes and sandals,  mostly customized, are produced to taste and are of very high standards 

to compete favourably with imported ones; hence, their constant demand abroad. We produce for special occasions, Military and Paramilitary, schools children and for everyday usage. Also, most of our customized shoes, sandals and bags are made of natural animal skins to our customers’ admiration.
We produce travelling, laptop, school, military/paramilitary, conferences, pilgrimage tours, sports, fashionable big and small bags.  Also on request, we produce customized bags for ladies and gentlemen for special  events like weddings, chieftaincy coronations and other special occasions. 


We embark on entrepreneurship, vocational and capacity building trainings on shoes, sandals, bags and garment makings in our efforts to reduce unemployment in our society and encourage self-reliance in our citizens.


In our quest to generate foreign exchange, we source and export most of products to foreign countries, especially, African countries.  We also import specialized products, which we mostly use as raw materials for the manufacturing of our products and other goods


We are also provide  procurement services to private and public Organizations in the areas of procurement of construction and engineering works, various forms and volumes of goods and specialized services.


We offer various types of consultancy services to members of the public and Organizations  in the areas of procurement, human resources, engineering and factory designs, among others.

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